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How to attract talent to small cities

How to attract talent in small cities

How can you attract top talent, even if your company isn’t located in a top German city like Berlin, Frankfurt or Munich? In this blog post, we’re going to explore what you can do to be an attractive employer even in a smaller city!

10 Reasons Why You Should Offer More Remote Work to Your Employees

10 Reasons Why You Should Offer More Remote Work to Your Employees

Remote work has become a widespread reality for many industries worldwide. However, in Germany, the adoption of remote work has been relatively slower compared to some other countries. We will use this blog post to explore the reasons why we believe you need to embrace remote working when possible and the benefits it can offer for everyone involved.

Your Career Page: How to design it (with examples)

Your Career Page How to design it (with examples)

Today more than ever, your company’s career page plays a vital role in attracting top talents. In this blog post we will walk you through what’s important and also share some examples of career pages that you can use as reference when designing yours.

How to attract top talent to your company

How to hire top talent for your company

The EU and especially Germany is currently facing a labor shortage that brings significant challenges to businesses across various sectors. So what can you do to attract more talents to your company? In this blog post, we will explore effective strategies especially for start ups and small and medium sized companies to tackle the labor shortage. 

The Best Employee Benefits to Offer in Germany in 2023

The best Employee Benefits to offer in Germany in 2023

In a tough market like Germany, companies need to offer attractive employee benefits to differentiate themselves from other firms. In this blog article, we sumarize those benefits that are the most attractive to talents and you should consider offering.

5 recruitment mistakes you need to avoid to attract talents

Being able to attract top talents for your open roles is essential for any company. Based on our experience consulting and recruiting for top global companies Nintendo, Roche, or Hyundai, here are the top mistakes to avoid when trying to attract better fit candidates to your job.

Recruitment processing outsourcing: RPO agencies in Germany

Recruitment processing outsourcing: RPO agencies in Germany

Because of the demographic changes that have occurred over the last years, the competition for talents in Germany has increased. As a result, more and more companies are now using external recruiting agencies to support them in finding the best candidates for their open positions.

In this article we want to take a closer look at agencies that provide external recruitment services.

How to write a job advertisement (with examples)

How to write a job advertisement (with examples)

The key aim for every recruiting process is to find the best candidates for your open roles. But the big question is: how can you attract the right talents to your company in the first place? 

The best way to start is by creating a strong job advertisement that clearly portrays the responsibilities, the requirements, as well as the benefits you will offer to your new employee. In this blog post, we’ll show you exactly how to write a strong job advertisement.