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Headhunting vs. recruiting-as-a-service: Making the right choice

Recruiting as a service vs headhunting

Headhunting vs. recruiting-as-a-service: Which suits your company? In the world of talent acquisition, companies encounter the task of sourcing qualified specialists for their open positions. Due to high competition for top talent, organizations must innovate their recruitment strategies. Two strategies are “headhunting” and “recruiting-as-a-service” (RaaS). Two prevalent methods focused on candidate identification and hiring. The […]

Recruiting trends 2024: What is changing?

Recruiting trends 2024

What recruiting trends will you need to watch out for in 2024? According to the OECD, German economic growth in 2024 will be lower than in most other industrialized countries. With forecast growth of just 0.6%, Germany is well below the average of 1.4%. These figures are also reflected in company forecasts. In a survey, […]

Recruitment as a service: The new era of employee recruitment

Recruiting as a service zur Mitarbeitergewinnung nutzen

Many companies are looking for modern and efficient ways to find employees. One such option that is becoming increasingly popular is Recruitment as a Service (RaaS). But what exactly is Recruiting as a Service? And how can it help companies find the best talent? What is Recruiting as a Service? Recruitment as a Service, or […]

International recruiting: A guide for companies in Germany

Internationale Fachkräfte rekrutieren

In an increasingly globalized world, companies are faced with the challenge of recruiting internationally. The persistent shortage of skilled workers in Germany and demographic changes make it essential for companies to align their recruitment strategies and find fitting talents coming from all over the world. Hiring international talent offers companies diverse opportunities and advantages. In […]

The power of social media recruiting: 4 insider tips for more talent

Recruiting has undergone significant changes in today’s digital era. Companies increasingly turn to social media recruiting through LinkedIn, Facebook, and X to discover and hire new talent. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the significance of social recruiting and provide you with four actionable tips to implement it in your company. What Social Recruiting strategies […]

How to find the best recruitment agency for your company

How to find the best recruiting agency

As a company, it’s essential to find a good recruitment agency for your business to enhance your recruitment strategy. But how do you ensure you’re making the right choice? In this blog post, we’ll outline key factors to consider when identifying a good agency, regardless of whether you’re hiring for positions in IT, business, or […]

How to find top international talents in 2024

How to find top international talents in 2024

Due to difficulties attracting local talent, more and more companies in Germany are recognizing the need to tap into the vast potential offered by international hiring.

By opening your recruiting to international talents, you increase your chances to find highly-skilled employees. Because you are acccessing a bigger talent pool.

However, if you’re looking to hire internationally are also facing specific challenges. In this blog article, we want to first look at those challenges. And then show you what you can do overcome them. So you can hire the best talents for your open roles.

How to Support your International Employees in Learning German

How to Support your International Employees in Learning German

Hiring internationally is a great option for companies looking to access the biggest talent pool.
But often it also means you need to support your employees in learning German.

In this article, we show you how you can make sure that your employees can learn German the best way possible.