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Finding the right outplacement consultancy: Key tips

In today’s fast-paced working world, changes and restructuring within companies are commonplace. These processes can often lead to difficult decisions such as layoffs. Many companies turn to outplacement consultants to help employees transition to a new job and support them during unemployment. This serves to socially cushion the decision and positively impacts the company’s reputation.

In this blog post, we will discuss the following topics:

  • What is outplacement counseling?
  • Why is outplacement important?
  • What are the costs associated with outplacement counseling?
  • How do I find a good outplacement counseling service?
  • What outplacement counseling services are available in Germany?

What is outplacement consulting?

Outplacement counseling offers comprehensive support for employees who lose their jobs due to corporate decisions such as restructuring or layoffs. The goal of this service is to help affected individuals find a new job quickly and effectively, while also supporting their professional and emotional stability.

Typical services provided by outplacement counseling include creating and optimizing résumés and cover letters, preparing for job interviews, coaching for career reorientation, and assisting with personal branding. Additionally, many outplacement consultancies provide networking opportunities and information about job boards to increase the chances of finding new employment swiftly.


Why is outplacement important for companies?

  • Protection of the company’s reputation: How a company handles layoffs can significantly impact its image. By providing outplacement services, a company shows responsibility and care towards its employees, which strengthens the trust and loyalty of the remaining workforce and potential future employees.
  • Reduction of legal risks: Outplacement can help minimize the risk of legal disputes. By offering support to laid-off employees, the likelihood that they will take legal action due to feelings of injustice or misunderstanding is reduced.
  • Cost reduction: Effective outplacement services can shorten the duration of unemployment for affected employees, thereby reducing the costs of unemployment benefits and potential severance payments.
  • Employee morale and productivity: Treating laid-off employees with respect sends a strong signal to the remaining staff, positively impacting their morale and productivity. It shows that the company values its employees and supports them even in difficult times.



What are the costs associated with outplacement counseling?

The costs for outplacement services can vary widely and depend on several factors, including the scope of services offered, the number of affected employees, and the duration of the support.

Here are some typical price ranges:

€800–€1,200 per employee (Basic Service)

  • Creating and optimizing résumés and cover letters.
  • Access to online tools and resources for job searching.
  • Short-term, targeted support and guidance in job searching.

€2,000–€4,000 per employee (Standard Service)

  • Individual and group coaching.
  • Mid-term support and guidance for up to 3 months.
  • Preparation for job interviews and optimization of LinkedIn profiles.

€5,000–€10,000 per employee (Premium Service)

  • Personal branding and executive coaching.
  • Personalized tests and analyses.
  • Long-term support for up to six months.
  • Intensive 1:1 counseling and customized job placement services.



How do I find a good outplacement counseling service?

Choosing the right outplacement consultancy service is crucial to providing affected employees with the best possible support. Here are some tips on how to find a suitable service:

  • Check reputation and experience: Look into the track record and reputation of the outplacement providers. Search for testimonials and reviews from other companies that have used their services.
  • Compare service scope: Ensure that the services offered meet your requirements. A good provider should offer a wide range of support services, from creating job application documents to individual coaching.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: A good outplacement provider should be able to tailor their services to the specific needs of your company and employees. This can include individual coaching sessions as well as customized programs for different employee groups.
  • Technology and accessibility: Check whether the provider uses modern technologies to offer their services efficiently and flexibly. Especially in times of remote work, it is important that support is also available digitally and independent of the employees’ location.
  • Evaluate costs and benefits: Compare the costs of various providers and ensure that the price-performance ratio is right. A higher price does not automatically mean better quality, so it is important to review the offered services carefully.


What outplacement consultancies are available in Germany?

In Germany, numerous renowned outplacement counseling services provide comprehensive support to companies and their employees during difficult times. Some of the best-known providers are:

  • von Rundstedt: One of the market leaders in Germany, offering a wide range of individual and customized outplacement services. They provide everything from one-on-one coaching to specialized programs for executives.
  • Dr. Heimeier & Partner: A German outplacement specialist focused on personal attention and tailored solutions. They offer individual career counseling and coaching for all career levels, including executives.
  • CareerBee: Unlike large providers, CareerBee focuses on personal and agile support using modern technology. As a small, owner-managed company, they offer customized support that adapts flexibly to your specific requirements. They focus on quick response times, innovative technologies, and deep industry knowledge.

Discover how CareerBee supports your professional advancement through individual support and modern approaches. Email us at team@careerbee.de.


  • Right Management: Part of the ManpowerGroup, known for its innovative and technology-driven outplacement solutions. Right Management supports companies and their employees with customized programs ranging from career coaching to targeted job placement.
  • Jobkoordinanten: A specialized company focused on outplacement and career counseling. They offer individual support and assistance with career reorientation.


Conclusion: How to find the right outplacement counseling service

In today’s fast-paced world, changes and restructuring are inevitable, and unfortunately, layoffs are often part of it. Many companies turn to outplacement counseling to support affected employees during this difficult phase and help them transition to a new professional future. These services not only provide comprehensive support for job searching but also significantly contribute to maintaining the company’s reputation and minimizing legal risks.

A good outplacement counseling service helps employees quickly and successfully reorient themselves by offering tailored services such as résumé optimization, interview training, and career coaching. The costs for such counseling can vary depending on the services needed and the duration of support. However, there are various pricing models suitable for different needs and budgets.

When choosing an outplacement counseling service, it is important to check the provider’s reputation and experience, compare the range of services, and ensure that the offered services are flexible and adaptable. In Germany, there are many established outplacement counseling services such as von Rundstedt, Right Management, and Dr. Heimeier & Partner, which stand out for their high quality and comprehensive support.

Overall, outplacement is a valuable investment in the future of your employees and your company. It shows that even in difficult times, you take responsibility and treat the people who contributed to your company’s success with respect and support.

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