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Your Career Page: How to design it (with examples)

Today more than ever, your company’s career page plays a vital role in attracting top talents. It allows potential candidates to learn about your company, its values, culture, and available job opportunities. 

Especially as a small and medium sized company, investing some time and thought into your career page is a must. It is therefore important to investigate the essential steps to create an outstanding career page that allows your company to stand out from others and allows you to foster a strong connection with prospective talents. 

In this blog post we will walk you through what’s important and also share some examples of career pages that you can use as reference when designing yours.

How to design your career page

The most essential parts in an overview:

  1. Create an inviting introduction
  2. Talk about your company culture
  3. Streamline job listings
  4. Include testimonials and employee spotlights
  5. Insert your employer brand

1. Create an Inviting Introduction

At the top of your career page, you need to create an engaging introduction that showcases your company’s vision, core values and team culture. 

The goal of the introduction is to pique the interest of potential candidates and make them eager to scroll further down in your career page and ideally also check out your open positions. You can use this space to create a compelling storyline about your firm and show what sets you apart from other companies in your industry.

The introduction is a great place to emphasize your company’s positive impact, but you can also show prestigious awards or recognitions you have received.  

 2. Talk about your Company Culture

Company culture has become a key decision factor for prospective candidates when they evaluate potential employers.

Articulate in a clear manner your organization’s culture and values ideally also within the introduction or right beneath it. Try to get creative here so that this part does not sound like every other career page. You can focus on questions like: “What are the 3 key aspects of your company culture?” or “What do employees enjoy most about your company culture?”.

As an extra tip: include photos, videos, or virtual tours to create a glimpse into your workplace that is a realistic as possible.

3. Streamline Job Listings

The ultimate goal of your career page is to win talents for your open positions. That is why it is essential to showcase the available job opportunities in a way that makes it easy for candidates to see them and apply for them.

Categorize positions based on departments, locations, or job titles. Make sure that each listing features a concise yet informative job description.

Ensure that the application process is straightforward and be as transparent as possible on how candidates can apply to encourage them to do so.

 4. Include Testimonials and Employee Spotlights

Including testimonials and employee spotlights offer valuable insights into the experiences of individuals currently working at your company and will also create more credibility.

Make sure to include quotes, photos, or short videos where employees share their thoughts. They can answer shot questions on the company culture, work-life balance, growth opportunities, and overall job satisfaction.

The more personal your career page, the more authenticity you will achieve and through that help candidates envision themselves as part of your organization.

5. Insert your employer brand

This might sound obvious, but we have seen many career pages that do not have any design besides the logo at the top of the website. Remember this is the best place to showcase your employer brand to new candidates.

Use the right colors, include pictures and videos, use a fond that fits your company. Everything matters. Make sure that a person who sees your career page for the first time will remember your brand afterwards and come back to it when looking for a job.

Examples from other companies

There are of course many companies who already have exceptional career pages that effectively showcase their brand, values, and available opportunities. We wanted to share some examples with you of some big companies that you so you can get inspired when creating your own one.

Example 1: Google

Google’s career page is visually appealing, and the best part is that is it very user-friendly. It not only provides comprehensive information about their company culture, employee benefits, and the impact of their work but they also make sure to highlight their commitment to diversity, inclusion, and career growth.

Google Career Page

Example 2: HubSpot

HubSpot’s career page achieves to combine a clean layout with very insightful content. On this career page you get an interactive experience, where you can explore different aspects of their company culture, benefits, and open positions. You will find information on their values, dedication to employee development, and commitment to social responsibility.

Hubspot Career Page

Example 3: Shopify

Shopify’s career page is a great example where storytelling and personal experiences make a truly great career page. They highlight employee stories, featuring real voices and authentic narratives. They also achieve to show their inclusive and supportive work environment and provide detailed information about job opportunities and benefits.

Shopify Career Page

Conclusion: How to design your career page

A well-designed career page serves as a powerful tool for attracting and engaging top talent. That is why every company should ensure to have an outstanding career page that stands out and attracts talent. By following the essential parts outlined in this blog post, you can create an strongcareer page that effectively communicates your company’s values, culture, and available job opportunities.

Remember, the career page is a “living” page. You need to continuously update and optimize it to reflect the evolving needs of your organization but also the changing expectations of job seekers.

With a compelling career page, especially as small and medium-sized company, you’ll be well-positioned to attract the best talent and drive the success of your company.

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