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The most sought after jobs in Germany in 2023

As Germany is in big need for international skilled workers, this is a great time to start thinking about building a career here. But can you find a job in any area or are just specific jobs available in the market?

Let’s look into the most sought after jobs in Germany in 2023 and also see what this means for jobs in other areas.

The most sought after jobs in Germany in 2023

At first sight we can identify many job opportunities for people working in:

  • Green jobs
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology 
  • Science 
  • Healthcare 
  • Craftsmanship

But let’s take a closer look into each of these sectors.

Nr. 1: Green Jobs

Many new jobs have emerged due to the energy transition. You can find jobs like “Energy and electrical engineer” or  “Mechanical engineer” within companies focusing on wind power or photovoltaics. But there are also many jobs if you have expertise installing technical equipment or within the construction industry. Very instersting are also jobs in the electric mobility sector or agriculture and farming. As companies are having trouble finding enough talents in this sector, this could be your perfect chance. 

Nr. 2: Engineering

Working as an engineer in Germany has always been a dream for many people. And the good news is that due to technological advances many new jobs have emerged in need of many talents to help companies in these areas. Jobs in automation technologies and artificial intelligence play a major role. But there are also great opportunities in the construction planning and architecture or the automotive industry, especially in the electromobility sectors.

Nr. 3: Information Technology

Would you believe us when we tell you that in 2020, 86,000+ job positions in IT could not be filled due to a lack of skilled workers? Well this just shows the big necessity of IT personnel in Germany and if you have skills in these areas you will be able to access jobs where language barriers are smaller and companies are more willing to sponsor visas. Key jobs in IT are in software development, application support, data science and also IT security.

Nr. 4: Science

What is great for scientists is that they are very sought after in various sectors. We can start by the more classical research institutions but jobs now also expand to the IT sector, marketing, sales and even law. To summarize some of the key industries to focus on for your jobs search in Germany you can check out R&D institutes, financial analyst positions, jobs in Architecture and engineering, the renewable energy sector and also chemistry jobs.

Nr. 5: Healthcare

To keep the very stable healthcare system in Germany alive it is essential to find many new physicians and nursing professionals. It is important, especially as a doctor, to let your degree and professional qualifications be recognized in Germany but there is a standardized process for that. In nursing you will be able to find jobs within general patient care but also peadiatric and geriatric areas.

Nr. 6: Craftsmanship

Most of Germany’s companies are small-and medium sized companies and many of these live from skilled crafts. Personnel is very sought after in this area especially within constructions, woods, plastic, industrial cleaning, metals and electronics. However, you can also find many job opportunities within the textile industry and the artisanal food production industry.

Summary: The most sought after jobs in Germany in 2023

This is of course a summary of the most sought after jobs in Germany, but the list doesn’t stop there. Even if you couldn’t find your profession listed here, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find many great job opportunities in Germany. As mentioned, over 400.000 skilled international workers are needed per year. So make sure to check out your personal job opportunties.

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