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The 5 best job portals in Germany (rated by experts)

With it’s strong economy, Germany offers a lot of opportunities for those seeking work. But it can be tricky to find a job, as the labor market is highly competitive. That’s why it’s essential that you know about the best job portals in Germany. These websites will help you connect with potential employers and give you the best chance of securing a well-paid position. 

The best job portals in Germany: Our picks

This list is not going to be your standard list about all the portals that are available in Germany. Rather, we want to give you our opinion based on us being recruiters and career coaches who have recruited for a a lot of jobs ourselves and also accompanied a lot of coachees over the last years that were looking for jobs.

That’s why we’re not only going to take a look at search volume for our ranking, but also which companies post where, and especially, how easy it is for you to find relevant search results for your job-search.

Without further ado, these are our top 5 job portal recommendations in Germany:

1. Stepstone

2. Indeed

3. LinkedIn

4. Careerbee.de

5. zuhausejobs.com

Below we’ll go into more detail on all of them.

Continue reading if you want to find out which job portal is the right for your situation.


1. Stepstone: The premium job portal

Stepstone best job portals in Germany

Stepstone has been around for more than 20 years in Germany and it has established itself as the most premium job portal.

On Stepstone, you will find jobs especially from the top companies, as it is quite expensive to advertise jobs on Stepstone.

But on the hand, this also means that you will not find all the jobs that are available on the market, as especially smaller companies usually don’t advertise on stepstone.

For whom it is the best choice: If you’re looking to upgrade with a job in one of Germany’s top companies with good salary, then Stepstone is a great choice for you.


2. Indeed: The web crawler

Indeed best job portals in Germany

As the opposite to Stepstone, Indeed doesn’t solely rely on companies actively posting their jobs. It has a web crawler function that also hunts downs jobs from companies’ own career websites and displays them as search results. This is why Indeed is so useful for job-seekers: You will usually find more jobs than on Stepstone.

On the downside, this wider search may also lead to more irrelevant search results and some frustrating moment when the search engine returns jobs that don’t fit your profile at all. You’ll also need to register to Indeed to really use the platform to its full capacity.

For whom it is the best choice: Indeed is the right choice for you if you want to cast a wide net and not miss out on job opportunities.


3. LinkedIn: The matching platform

Linkedin best job portals in Germany

In comparison to Stepstone and Indeed, LinkedIn has a totally different approach. Because users have filled out very in-depth information for their profile, LinkedIn will recommend fitting jobs to you. This is of course highly convenient as a job-seeker. LinkedIn also allows you to directly connect with recruiters.

On the downside, not all German companies post their jobs on LinkedIn. That’s why we believe that you should also use other job portals and not just rely on LinkedIn.

If you want to get some special tips for LinkedIn, we recommend our article how to create a LinkedIn profile that stands out.

For whom it is the best choice: If you don’t have a lot of time and want a platform to make recommendations to you, then LinkedIn is right for you.


4. Careerbee.de: Our top choice for internationals

CareerBee best job portals for internationals

CareerBee is founded by us because we were tired of other job portals not having good options to filter english jobs for internationals. That’s why on Careerbee, you can filter jobs based on whether they have no German requirement, and also if they provide visa and relocation support.

On the downside, CareerBee is relatively new, so the number of jobs is still somewhat limited. However it’s currently growing, and each month we can see more jobs being posted.

For whom it is the best choice: Especially if you are an international looking for jobs in Germany, we highly recommend CareerBee. The language and visa fiters are a game changer and will save you so much time and hassle.


5. zuhausejobs.com: For those who like to work from home

Zuhausejobs best job portals in Germany

zuhausejobs.com is our favorite recommendation for people looking for complete remote jobs. Their UI is beautiful and the search is really effective. They also have list of companies to browse through and see which interest you.

On the downside, it is of course still a niche website, but we see multiple jobs posted each day.

For whom it is the best choice: If you’re looking for a flexible lifestyle that allows you to work from home, then zuhausejobs.com is great for you.


Expert tips for your jobs search via job portals

Now that you know about the best job portals in Germany, we also want to give you two more tips for your job search on these portals.

Only apply to jobs that really fit your profile

One of the biggest mistake that we see job seekers make is applying to jobs that don’t fit them. This results in a lot of rejections and demotivation. So always make sure to read the requirement sections before applying carefully.

Be honest with yourself if you really fit what the company is looking for. Realize that the argument “I can learn that on the job” usually doesn’t work because that applies to everyone in the world, not only yourself. Companies also usually don’t have the time for training someone on the job. That’s why it’s really important that you fit the experience and the skill requirements.

If you don’t fit the requirements in your desired job, try to search for “junior” roles instead.

Avoid Easy Apply

Another big mistake is using the easy apply options. While it can work, the problem is that you don’t know what happens with your data and what the recruiters ends up seeing. Did you know for example that LinkedIn has a feature that auotmatically archives candidates from non-EU countries? This means recruiters may never get to see your application. That’s why we think you should always go via the company’s website, not an Easy Apply function. Even if takes a bit longer.

Summary: The best job portals in Germany

In this article, we have summarized the top 5 job portals in Germany as rated by our experts. What we have seen is that it really depends on what your situation is. Because a website like CareerBeewill be better for you if you’re an international, but zuhausejobs might be better if you’re looking to work from home.

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