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LinkedIn messages to connect with recruiters

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool to search for jobs. But it also offers a lot of opportunities to directly connect with other people. Especially if they recruit, or work at the company we want to apply to.

We want to make your life a little easier and give you some examples of messages you can send to recruiters. To increase your chances of getting that connection you are looking for:

If you have not applied but are interested in the company

Option 1:

Hi NAME, I saw you work as a recruiter and at COMPANY NAME and I would love to connect to be able to read more about your content and stay up to date with possible job opportunities in the future. Kind regards, NAME

Option 2:

Dear NAME, I’m always looking out to connect with experts from the INDUSTRY NAME. It would be great if I could connect with you and follow your content about COMPANY NAME.

Option 3:

Good morning NAME, I saw your profile and think your content is inspiring for me. I’m currently looking out to extend my network and would be very happy to have you as part of my network.

If you have applied for the job recently

Option 1:

Hi NAME, I recently applied for POSITION and saw that you are the recruiter of the position. I wanted to connect via LinkedIn and make sure you also have my contact information here for any questions you might have.

Option 2:

Hi NAME, I was truly excited about applying for the POSITION_NAME at COMPANY and would love to get connected with you to stay updated on your content as well. Have a great day!

Option 3:

Dear NAME, I was so happy to see that the position as POSITION_NAME opened at COMPANY. I also wanted to use the chance to connect with you via LinkedIn and stay updated with your content. Have a great day!

And even if you have been rejected

Option 1:

Dear NAME, I recently applied for the POSITION_NAME at COMPANY. Even if I didn’t get selected for this position, I would love to connect with you and stay updated with your content.

Option 2:

Hi NAME, I was really happy to see that you are recruiting for TYPE_OF_POSITIONS at COMPANY NAME. I would love to stay connected and be able to keep up to date with your content. Thank you so much in advance!

Option 3:

Hi NAME, happy to connect with you as I saw you were recruiting for POSITON_NAME at COMPANY. I’m always interested in expanding my network and I would love to follow your content.

We hope these messages serve as inspiration and make your life a little easier when reaching out to recruiters you want to connect with over LinkedIn.

Happy Networking!

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Laura Villafuerte

HR expert & Career Coach

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