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Learn how Jenny found a job in only four weeks

Our mission is to help people build their dream careers. And that starts with finding a job.

As we know how difficult and sometimes even frustrating that process can feel, we wanted to make sure to share the success stories of our customers to inspire other job seekers out there and show them that you can do it – Just like Jenny!

So let’s meet Jenny and read through her experience on how she landed a job (and even signed the contract) within only four weeks ­čÄë



Why did you decide to use our CareerBee services?

I was struggling with my current situation at work. I felt stuck, like an outsider and felt I was not able to develop anymore. I took the initiative to change my status quo. For me it was clear, that Laura and Luca are experts when it comes to personal and professional development therefore I chose them as my partners.


How did/does CareerBee help you specifically? If you have a specific success story also feel free to share.

After spending 4 months of unsuccessful job search I decided to book the service “Power Coaching: Your application strategy” with Laura. I was already aware of which positions I am interested in, so we focused more on providing me with lots of insights into how to both optimize my job search and my application documents. We decided on searching for a position which is a 100% fit for myself and prepare the cover letter and the CV accordingly. Laura gave me valuable feedback and did a thorough check on my documents. With this confirmation I could send out the application with a reassured feeling. Then everything went really quick…I got an invitation to the first round the next day, then the second round in the same week. For the second round I needed to prepare a Case study. Also here, Laura helped me so much by doing a brainstorming session with me on how to best create a perfect storyline for this task and in the end, she gave me again feedback on my prepared presentation and made some adjustments. The second round (presentation of the case study) went really well, thus I went straight into the third round and there it was: the job offer! This whole application process starting with the coaching ending with signing the contract did not take longer than 4 weeks! Laura supported me so much during the whole process, which I cannot thank her enough for. I am really grateful for everything CareerBee helped me with!

What do you like most about your experience with CareerBee so far?

Well, of course the best part is that CareerBee helped me find a new job, which I have a great feeling about! Next to that, I like the platform itself a lot. You are provided with so many self-created online courses you gain so much helpful information from. Also, you find many inspirational like-minded people who you can interact with talking on private chats, commenting on the posts or taking part at the weekly events. In general, I have felt extremely supported by Luca and Laura and think they are super competent and professional with what they do. Thanks so much to you guys! I would strongly recommend CareerBee to anyone who is looking for career-oriented services.


Picture of Laura Villafuerte

Laura Villafuerte

HR expert & Career Coach

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