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Jobs for foreigners in Germany: What do I need to know?

What jobs for foreigners are available in Germany? What are the key things to know about the German job market? What is the application process like in Germany? If any of these questions resonate with you, you are reading the right blog article. We’ll give you all the important insights so you know exactly what jobs to focus on.

Are there jobs for foreigners in Germany?

Yes! There are many jobs for foreigners in Germany. Germany is facing a labor shortage due to their aging society which has huge impacts on the economy. Because of this, the head of Germany’s federal Employment Agency recently announced that Germany needs around 400.000 skilled foreign workers – each year!

But, it’s important to mention that visa procedures have still not adapted. Especially for non-EU citizens, the entry to the job market is more difficult.

That is why we always recommend a visa check to make sure you understand the regulations that apply to you.

You can do a quick check here and also read our article on “How to get a visa to work in Germany”.

What are the most sought after jobs in Germany for foreigners?

Below you’ll find a list of jobs that are in highest demand in Germany.

  1. Software developers and IT specialists
  2. Engineers
  3. Electronics technicians, electricians
  4. Health care workers and nurses
  5. Data Scientists and Data Engineers

But even if your job is not on this list, there will still be job opportunities for you, especially if you have good education, job experience, and first German language skills. So make a quick scan of jobs in your field on a platform like Indeed to make sure there are enough opportunities for you.

What do you need to know about finding a job in Germany as a foreigner?

We mentioned the visa process and the job market opportunities as key factors. Thus, this information should be the first thing you gather. But once you figure this out, the next step is create a job search strategy.

What does this mean?

You should clearly define what type of jobs you want to have based on your skills and experiences. You should also define what benefits and general conditions the workplace should offer you. This will narrow the pool of jobs and companies, but it will also make it more specific and fitting to your needs.

If you want help for this from a career coach, we recommend our Job Search Strategy Coaching to you.

Where should I start searching for jobs?

Here are three job portals that you should check regularly:

  • de.indeed.com
  • Linkedin.com
  • Stepstone.de

Once you find the right position, remember to personalize your application documents based on skills and responsibilities that are mentioned in the job ad. We have an article on how to create a CV for applying in Germany that will give you the most important information about this.

On top of that, networking will play a very important role. LinkedIn makes it easy to reach out to people working at interesting companies. And attending in person meetups can also support the creation of a strong network.

Can I find a job without speaking German yet?

Yes, it is possible. There are internationally-minded companies who don’t require fluent German skills. The most non-German jobs are found in IT and Digital departments of bigger companies and startups in Berlin, Munich or Frankfurt am Main. In some international companies you may also find jobs in other departments that don’t require German.

But please note that there’s a limited supply of such jobs and they are highly sought after. We thus recommend that you start learning German as soon as possible! It will sky-rocket your job chances.

And even if you are not fluent yet at the point of your application, you’ll be able to show that you have the motivation and interest in learning the language. And this can give you an advantage in landing that job.

How is the job search process in Germany?

After you apply for a job, companies will mostly come back to you after 2-4 weeks with feedback.

In case they think you are a fitting candidate, you’ll most likely get invited to a first interview with representatives of the HR department. This interview will take around 30 minutes and you’ll be asked more general questions on your fit for the position. It’s not a technical interview but rather to see if you would fit the company and their culture.

Also keep in mind that some companies might send you an online test even before this step.

If you convince them of your skills and competencies, you will be invited to another interview round. Here you’ll be talking to the Manager of the department, the hiring manager. In this interview, be prepared to answer more job related questions. This is your chance to show how you would apply all you know. Make sure to also ask questions at the end of the interview to get a better understanding of the role and the team.

After the interview rounds, companies should give you an answer within 2 weeks. Make sure to ask at the end of the interview what time frame you can expect to receive the final answer.

Conclusion: Jobs for foreigners in Germany

We hope this article provided you with some clarity on how to find jobs for foreigners in Germany and what you need to do.

It’s important that you do some research on the visa requirements and the job market opportunities of your field. Next you should create a job search strategy and strong application documents. Don’t forget to network, and include that as an active part of your job search.

If you want to find some more step-by-step information for your job search, check out our 8 step guide for how to get a job in Germany.

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