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How to power up the wording in your CV

If you take a look at your CV and think it is good but still missing that extra touch to make it great – then this article is just what you needed.

Learn an easy and efficient way to power up your CV and feel more self-confident every time you send it out to companies in the search of your dream job.

Are you ready?

The power of words in your CV

Given the expectations for the typical formatting of a CV, for example keeping it short and concise, it can feel as if there was not much more to do to power it up even more.

But there is! You can upgrade up your CV by powering up the words you use in it.

Easier said than done? Maybe. But that is exactly why we wanted to provide some examples here so that you can copy-paste them into your CV!

Let’s take a look at some of the most common words and how to replace them with more powerful words.

Alternatives for the word ‘organize’

One word most of us like to use within CVs is ‘organize’. So how can you power up this verb? Here are some examples:

  • standardized
  • maximized
  • streamlined
  • systematized
  • coordinated
  • methodized

Alternatives for the word ‘help’

What about the word ‘helped’? Try using this instead:

  • enabled
  • empowered
  • motivated
  • facilitated
  • advocated
  • mentored
  • cooperated
  • guided

Alternatives for ‘manage’

What about the word ‘managed’? Power up verbs here are:

  • unified
  • mobilized
  • pioneered
  • guided
  • engaged
  • mentored
  • strengthened


These are of course just some examples, but see what we are doing here? We are looking at common words and verbs and are replacing them with alternatives that make them sound more powerful.

Remember, there are many things you can’t control within your job search but the thing you can control is the quality of documents you send out. So send the highest quality possible and impress the recruiter holding your CV in their hands.

If you want to learn more about creating strong documents, make sure to visit our website to see how we can support you level up your CV, and feel free to book a free information session with one of our career experts.

Let’s get you your dream job!

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