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How to create a LinkedIn Profile Banner that stands out

LinkedIn is a professional platform that has become essential for job seekers, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals from all over the world to connect and network. It has allowed millions of job seekers to find jobs, employers to find talents and of course helped people from all industries to learn from each other.

But as much access as you seem to have to other professionals, many people on LinkedIn seem to have trouble growing their network on getting noticed by others. One reason for that, is a missing personal brand, that allows other people to understand why they should connect with you or reach out to you.

Creating a Linkedin Profile Banner

When looking into the personal brand on Linkedin, one of the most important components is your banner image, which appears at the top of your profile page. Your banner is the first thing people see when they visit your profile, after your profile picture. That is why it’s important to create a strong and impactful banner that not only captions the attention of your audience but also shows why people should connect with you.

We put together tips for you on how to create a strong LinkedIn banner:

1. Choose an image that fits your industry

2. Make sure to use high quality images

3. Check your banner works for web and mobile 

4. Make it about your personal brand

5. Keep it simple

6. Add a call to action

7. Ask for feedback

Choose an image that fits your industry

The banner image you choose should reflect your interests, your personality and the type of industry you are interested in. What you can do here, is work with an image of your industry e.g., cars if you are in the automotive industry or a computer if you are in the IT sector. Alternatively you can create a banner where half of it is an actual image and half of it a background color to write on.The key rule here is, do not use unprofessional pictures such as selfies or using too general pictures such as a landscape as you might be missing the chance to actually create a brand for your industry field.

Linkedin Banner Example Cars

A possible image for a professional in the automotive industry

Make sure to use high-quality images

Avoid using low-resolution images or images with poor lighting as this will automatically make your profile look less professional. Remember that the first impression a person has of your profile will reflect on how serious they will take the content. If possible, use a high-resolution image that is at least 1584 x 396 pixels in size (information from 2023). You can also use tools such as Canva to create LinkedIn Banners that fit the size of LinkedIn and are of high quality.

Check your banner works for web and mobile

There is nothing more annoying than to have an amazing LinkedIn banner and then realizing it does not work on the mobile version. Make sure to check if your newly created LinkedIn banner works on the mobile version as well as it does on the web version and test it early in the design phase. This will save you from frustrations once you finalized all details and then realize it does not work on the mobile version. One important thing to consider is that your LinkedIn picture will always be on the left side of your banner, so make sure to not add any text here to avoid needing to make unnecessary changes.

Make it about your personal brand

Your banner image should showcase your personal brand. Use colors, fonts, and imagery that align with your personal style but also fits the industry. You can play with the design until you find something that truly speaks to you. If you want to make it more playful you can add arrows or icons, which can make a lot of sense especially if you work in more creative industries. You can also incorporate logos of past employers, projects or special certificates  to make sure you portray your brand and your expertise as this also increases credibility.

Keep it simple

The banner does not allow for much text. So here it is not about adding all details but rather your key message. In the end, your banner image should be simple and easy to read. Ideas to add are your years of experience in your field, a statement about your career mission or working beliefs, a quote you go by, a list of your top 5 strengths or areas of interest. Play around by highlighting words with bold or font size to make sure the most important information stands out. You can of course also mix and match but remember: less is more! Find some examples here.


Banner profile with text

Now we add a short description on the right side of the profile

Add a call to action

Your banner image can also serve to indicate what you are looking for. You can add a playful “Let’s connect”-button or you can indicate that you are open for new job opportunities. Adding a call to action allows you to optimize your LinkedIn profile so that every new contact person knows what you are looking for and also feels more confident in reaching out to you. Some people even include their email address here. You can do it but it keep in mind that your email will be accessible to a lot of people. We recommend instead to create the connection on LinkedIn first before exchanging emails.

Banner example with Call to Action

Finally, we add a call-to-action. This is optional however.

Ask for feedback

Make sure that before you publish your LinkedIn banner you ask for quick feedback from friends and colleagues. This will help you ensure you created a Banner that actually stands out to others, portrays your brand in the best way possible and that you are avoiding grammar mistakes.

Summary: How to create a LinkedIn Profile Banner

In conclusion, creating a strong LinkedIn banner is an important part of building a strong personal brand and attracting the attention of your target audience on LinkedIn. The same way that first impressions count on networking settings, your banner can create a strong impression of your profile to potential employers or new connections.

By following these tips, you can create a banner that is not only professionally but also visually appealing. You will also ensure to create a profile brand that actually showcases your personality, your experience and your interests. Make sure to add a call to action to people can feel more confident in reaching out to you.

If you want to get more detailed guides like this, check out our Masterclass on how to get invited to interviews in Germany.

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