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Using the “Easy Apply” Option in Linkedin

At first sight, it looks like LinkedIn’s Easy Apply function is a great option to use during your job search. After all, you only need to hit one blue button in LinkedIn and in an eyeblink, your application was sent. This seems especially useful knowing how many applications most of us have to send before being able to find that one job we are looking for.

But is it really worth taking this shortcut for your applications? Let’s take a closer look:

What do recruiters see when you hit that “Easy Apply” button?

Well, just as the name says, it is an easy way to show whatever you have in your LinkedIn Profile. Your picture and headline, your education, your skills, and your job experiences. To make it short: recruiters get a snapshot of your LinkedIn Profile.

So what does that mean for you?

Well, the first thing would be that you need to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date! Make sure to really include all the relevant information for possible companies you will be applying to. From your profile picture, up to the last scroll in your profile, everything should show your career journey, your passion, and interests, and of course, help answer the question of how you are the best candidate for the company.

But be careful!

Even if your profile is up to date and you have received great feedback on it, remember that you won’t be the only one hitting that button for that specific position. On top of that, recruiters will also be receiving many other applications via other channels and that poses one major question: How do you stand out? Well, the key is the personalization of each application you send (especially to your dream jobs). And well, the “Easy Apply” button won’t provide you with the level of personalization that really helps you stand out.

So when do we recommend applying via the “Easy Apply” button?

It will of course always be up to you to decide, but our suggestions of when it makes sense are:

  • You are applying to jobs that are certainly not your “dream jobs”
  • You made good experiences with it and your LinkedIn profile is actually standing out for the specific jobs/industries you are applying to
  • You also will attach a personalized CV and cover letter (yes, LinkedIn Easy Apply allows you to attach documents)
  • You want to send out many applications but don’t have the time, and can’t invest into personalizing every single application (still invest that time for your dream jobs though).

We hope these short insights help you feel better informed about the “Easy Apply” Option on LinkedIn.

Happy applying!

Picture of Laura Villafuerte

Laura Villafuerte

HR expert & Career Coach

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