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Learn how Ernesto started his career in Germany

Our mission is to help people build their dream careers. And that starts with finding a job.

Now doing that as an international talent is even more challenging. That is why we want to share all those tips and insights that can make a real difference in supporting you land a job in Germany faster.

So let’s meet Ernesto and read through his experience on how he landed a job in Germany in a very well renowned company🎉

Why did you decide to use our CareerBee services?

I’ve been living in Germany for 4 years. It has been hard to find a job that fits my profile. I saw CareerBee pop-up on LinkedIn and it seemed like an interesting experience. I have been thinking about reaching out to headhunters or a career coach to help me with the applicatin process here for jobs in Germany, but I also wanted to expand my network. A career coach or headhunter doesnt really offer that second part.

CareerBee bundled both options in a single service. For me it was about getting insights into the German Job Market and have a supportive network of people that had a different perspective from my experiences.

How did/does CareerBee help you specifically? If you have a specific success story also feel free to share.

CareerBee helped me focus on my strengths and channel them on my job hunt. I had insights from an actual German recruiter that helped me and guided me on how to more effectively apply to jobs. CareerBee actually helped me get a job.

The information I received through the online courses and more importantely the live interactions with the community, allowed me to be successful in the job-seeking process.

What do you like most about your experience with CareerBee so far?

I loved…

1) The inisghts from professionals in coaching and recruiting

2) The personalized advice that focused on my career path, strengths and experiences that allowed me to send better applications to companies where I would have a higher fit

3) The community aspect. Sharing my successes and failures in thejob hunt with them allowed me to keep looking and not giving up. The encouragmenet from people that are in the same situation as you is great.  It’s like a little personal support group. The vibe was amazing and the adivce received from the community was priceless



Picture of Laura Villafuerte

Laura Villafuerte

HR expert & Career Coach

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