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5 ways joining an online community can help you grow your career in Germany

As human beings, we enjoy belonging to groups. And a community is such a group that has come together for a common purpose. What holds a community together can be a subject of interest, a speciality, a shared passion or even a shared concern.

In the digital age, many online communities have evolved. By using platforms like Slack, Discord, or Social Media Groups, it’s easier than ever to connect with other people online. And there are quiet a few communites that deal with the topic of career advancement.

So the question arises, should you join such online communities when trying to grow your career? Can joining an community help you build your dream career in Germany as an international digital talent?

In this article we have put together 5 ways joining an online communiy can help you to grow your career in Germany.

5 ways an online community can help you grow your career

1. Finding support from people in the same situation as you

2. Getting answers to your career questions

3. Finding motivation and getting pushed to achieve your goals

4. Growing your personal and professional network

5. Being a leader by helping others build their careers

Let’s take a closer look at each of them and how they can help you in growing your career.

1. Finding support from people in the same situation as you

The job search process in Germany can be very frustrating as an international due to high competition. And no one understands the challenges and frustrations better than another person looking for a job here. Together, you can find best practices to deal with difficult times, you can help each other up when one has fallen and you will never feel alone again on the way of finding your dream job. 

2. Getting answers to your career question

During the job search you will be faced with many questions and trying to “google” all the answers might end up confusing you more. That is where the power of a community comes in. Not only can you ask people who are already doing the same things as you, but you will also have true experts in the community who will provide you with the answers that will lead to faster success. 

3. Finding motivation and get pushed to achieve your goals

Nothing like getting inspired by someone who is achieving the things you are looking out for. And you will find many people like this in a community. People who will show you the path and also push you to walk the way and achieve all your career goals. And the best part is: You have direct access to all these inspiring individuals.

4. Growing your personal and professional network

Many people in a community will become much more than a professional contact. They might end up becoming true friends. And as an international who moved or is planning to move to a new country, a new friend can make the biggest difference. So why not join a place where you can find such friends who will support you professionally but also personally. 

5. Being a leader by helping others build their careers

Remember when we were talking about you getting inspired by others in the community? Well what about you becoming that inspiration to others? Everyone in the community can make a big difference to other members and by joining a community, you will be taking on such an important role.

Online Communities

An Online Community hosted via Slack.

How to pick the right online community

Now, if you believe that a community can make a true difference in your professional and personal life, it is time to join one. But how to pick the right community for yourself?

Many communits are built around a certain characteristic that unites the members. This can be a profession, a demographic, or a shared interest.

To answer which community is the right one for you, ask yourself: What is a challenge that you’re currently trying to solve? What is your goal? Where are you today and where do you want to go? 

For example, our own CareerBee Community is built around the topic of advancing your tech career in Germany as an international.

The CareerBee Community for international digital talents in Germany

The CareerBee Community (EN) is a free Slack Community for international talents in Germany. Specifically, students, graduates and professionals that have a strong digital affinity and want to work in Germany’s tech industry.

In the community, you will find many like-minded people to exchange, but also be able to attend many events, find job offers, chat with career experts and get key insights to help you build your dream career in Germany. We are looking for members who are motivated to grow their career and are willing to support others on the way as well.

Sounds interesting and like a fit for you? Make sure to apply to the CareerBee Community today!

Because as an African proverb says: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

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