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5 mistakes keeping you from finding a job via Linkedin

LinkedIn has become an essential tool for job seekers looking for a new opportunity. It allows you to have an online CV, and it serves as a networking platform while functioning as a job search engine, too.

However, many candidates unknowingly make mistakes that hinder their chances of standing out to employers. In this blog post, we will therefore discuss the key mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn to ensure you don’t miss out on career opportunities and will share some actionable tips to enhance your profile, build a strong network, and increase your chances of securing your dream job.

1. An incomplete and outdated profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your digital CV that helps you introduce yourself and your skills to potential employers. Neglecting it is a critical mistake. For example, a common error is leaving the profile incomplete. Make sure to provide a professional profile picture, a compelling headline, and a strong summary that showcases your unique skills and experiences. Make sure to include all industry related keywords in your profile. Also do not forget to regularly update your work history, including relevant accomplishments and responsibilities as these also increase over time. Additionally, adding multimedia content such as projects, presentations, or links to articles you have written can further enhance your candidate brand.

Remember, recruiters use the LinkedIn search engine in the backend and the more complete your profile, the higher the chances you appear in the top search results.

2. Not looking out for network opportunities

Many candidates make the mistake of solely focusing on job applications and neglecting the power of building connections. In other words, divide your time spent on LinkedIn between looking for jobs and connecting with people in your industry. Actively engage with your network by reaching out to colleagues, alumni, and industry professionals.

To increase your chances of getting accepted into a new person’s network, personalize your connection requests, highlighting common interests or reasons for connecting. Engage with others’ posts by liking, commenting, and sharing valuable insights. You can also join relevant groups and follow companies and industry leaders.

Remember, networking is a two-way street, so offer your assistance and share resources with others to foster meaningful connections.

3. Not investing into personal branding 

Creating a strong personal brand is essential on LinkedIn as the look and feel of your profile will create a first impression on you as a candidate. However, many people fail to showcase their unique value proposition, resulting in missed opportunities.

Start by identifying your strengths, expertise, and professional goals. Add a unique LinkedIn banner that shows your passion for the industry you are or want to work in. Make sure to add a smiling and professional picture to make it easier for people to approach you. Craft a compelling headline that effectively communicates your unique value. And lastly, create or share content that aligns with your professional interests and demonstrates your knowledge in your field.

4. Lack of Engagement 

Engaging with posts and people on LinkedIn is key to leveraging the platform effectively. Many candidates make the mistake of being passive users, limiting their exposure and potential career opportunities. Get started by liking and commenting on posts of other people in your industry. Comments are especially powerful – Linkedin wants to have conversations on their platform and their algorithms will reward you with visibility.

On top, make sure to attend LinkedIn Events, to increase your visibility and after the event send connection requests to other participants. By actively engaging with others, you increase your chances of being noticed by potential employers in Germany.

5. Follow recruiters to be the first to hear about job opportunities

Many recruiters will make posts about open roles they are currently recruiting for. Not every company posts their jobs directly on Linkedin, since many want to use their own system that is connected to their company’s own website.

By following recruiters, you will see their posts in your newsfeed and can get valuable information first. Target recruiters that work in your dream company to regularly hear from them. Engage with their content and slowly build a connection.


LinkedIn is a powerful platform for job seekers, but many candidates make avoidable mistakes that limit their opportunities to find jobs via this professional network. By avoiding these key mistakes and implementing the suggested tips, you can optimize your LinkedIn profile, expand your network, and increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Remember, LinkedIn requires consistent effort and engagement as it is a dynamic platform. If used correctly, LinkedIn will not only help you find more job opportunities, but also help you establish a strong network and position yourself as an expert within an industry. So, take the time to review and update your LinkedIn profile today and start leveraging this invaluable resource in your search to find a job in Germany.

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Laura Villafuerte

HR expert & Career Coach

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