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How to Get Feedback from Recruiters in Germany After a Rejection

Getting feedback after a job rejection

Why do you not receive more feedback after a job rejection? Receiving a rejection for a job you wanted can sting. Yet, it’s not the end of the road—it can also be an opportunity for growth. In Germany, where the job market is competitive and efficiency is valued, getting feedback after a rejection can be […]

Mastering Cover Letter Writing in Germany: The Perfect Pitch

Writing a cover letter for Germany

  Writing a cover letter for jobs in Germany In Germany’s competitive job market, your cover letter is your chance to shine and prove why you’re the ideal candidate for a company. Today, we’re delving into how to craft the perfect cover letter that will help you stand out and secure a job more quickly. […]

5 tips on how to become better at saying no at work

From 1 to 10: How difficult is it for you to say “no” at work? No matter if it saying no to be the ones taking notes during the meeting or saying no to an extra task your boss wants to give you despite already having a bunch of overtime piling up. If you are […]