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5 tips on how to become better at saying no at work

From 1 to 10: How difficult is it for you to say “no” at work? No matter if it saying no to be the ones taking notes during the meeting or saying no to an extra task your boss wants to give you despite already having a bunch of overtime piling up. If you are […]

How to relocate to Germany with your family

It was such a big pleasure to get to know Sandra Hinrichs, founder of “Main(e) Familienagentur”. We immediately had so many topics to talk about and I truly could see how Sandra’s services can add so much value to any families who relocated or want to relocate to Frankfurt. It is so great to have […]

Setting Goals with OKR’s for your career

Goal setting is not easy! Why? Because on the one hand we want to set big goals that truly allow us to feel proud of ourselves but on the other hand we have to make sure they are still achievable. So how can we do it right? Well one way of going about goal setting […]

Finding your Ikigai – 4 questions to ask yourself

Have you heard about IKIGAI before?  IKIGAI is Japanese and translates into “reason for being”. The concept comes from the island of Okinawa in Japan and it is said that because people in Okinawa have found their IKIGAI they seem to live longer. So how can we find our own IKIGAI? To find your IKIGAI […]

How to stop your inner “negative-talk”

Receiving critical feedback from someone is never easy. But also giving critical feedback to someone is something that might feel very awkward and difficult. But why is it then so easy to be critical of ourselves? If you haven’t experienced this then that is amazing, but if you have, we wanted to share 5 techniques […]

How to stay agile at work and apply it

Many of us might already be tired (or even annoyed) by the buzzword “agility”. But actually it is such an important concept and skill we all should be applying. So let’s take a look at it: Being agile at work means being able to adapt to change. Seeing new opportunities even if challenges arise. And […]

The project management concepts you should be using

If you look into the job market, more and more positions require some basic project management skills. Also, non-project management departments are asking for training in the area. Why?  Well, our way of working has changed drastically in the last few years. There are constant changes and challenges that you can’t plan for and performing […]