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9 reasons to hire a career coach during your job search

So, you’ve decided to look for a new job. That’s great! That means you are one step closer to fulfilling your goals – whatever they might be. But hunting for a job can also be overwhelming. After experiencing rejection, staying optimistic becomes more challenging and a number of questions arise. How should I prepare for a job interview? How can I make my CV more attractive? Why aren’t I getting hired?

This is where a career coach comes in. They are professionals who know the hiring process from A to Z. With our help, discover 9 reasons why you should use the services of a career coach during your job search.

1. A career coach can help you understand your next move

If you feel ready for a change in your career, a coach can help you understand the next steps you should take. It is their job to stay up to date with industry trends. Since they have worked with many professionals and hiring teams, they usually have an understanding of companies in the market. Through career coaching, you can locate potential employers whose values and salary structure align with your goals and wishes.

During your sessions, a career coach will ask you several questions to determine what kind of job you are looking for. So even if you don’t think you have all the answers yet, you will certainly gain more clarity on the matter.

2. A career coach will spruce up your job application skills

Applying for a job isn’t an easy task, especially if you haven’t done it in a while. Career coaches provide good resources for sprucing your job application skills. From writing cover letters to updating your resume and learning the best interview practices – they cover all topics that are important for every job seeker. Your only responsibility is to be open to the learning process.

Career couches know how employers think. That is why they can offer the best help to tailor your job application to make it more attractive. When applying for a job, even the smallest details matter. With career coaching, you will get exclusive access to all of this knowledge.

3. A career coach encourages you to think outside the box

Looking for a job can be an overwhelming process, especially in such a competitive job search market, like Germany. Sometimes we set limitations for ourselves without even realizing it. A professional coach will give you career advice and encourage outside-the-box thinking. 

You may not even be aware of how many opportunities are available to you. Whether you are unsure how to convey your sustainability to employers or simply don’t have any ideas on where to search for a job, a career coach will be of great help.

4. A career coach will give you honest feedback

How can you improve your skills if you have no idea what changes should be made? That is the beauty of career coaching. Even before you head to job meetings, you will do mock interviews so that you can get honest feedback without ruining your chances. Mock interviews are incredibly valuable. This way, you can pick up on any negative behavior and find ways to banish it before you have to do a real interview.

We all make mistakes, but what is important is how we deal with them. Together with a career coach, you will be able to overcome your errors and learn from them.

5. A career coach helps you understand your wishes

Some are lucky and know exactly what they want from their life. For others, deciding what they want to be when they grow up can be challenging, even in their 30s and 40s. If that is the case for you, don’t panic! 

Did you know that Vera Wang, one of the world’s most famous designers, once used to be a figure skater and journalist? That’s right. She decided to change her career only at 40. 

Many well-known entrepreneurs and celebrities found their passion in their 50s and 60s. You’ve still got time to decide what you want to be!

But – to make the process a little quicker – using the services of an experienced career coach can be quite beneficial. Together, you will discover your strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes, as well as behavioral traits, which will help you get a vision of what your dream career is.

6. A career coach will remind you to think long term

Most of us make the mistake of not thinking long-term. Where do you see yourself in five years? What about the next ten years? You should ask these questions not only about your personal but also professional life, especially during a job search. A career coach can map out all the steps you need to take to reach your long-term goals. 

On a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, you should work toward making your dreams come true.

7. A career coach can help manage your ambitions

Being ambitious is great, but a career coach can help you objectively evaluate your goals and dreams and therefore create a plan that you can actually follow. Based on your wishes, you will get career advice for setting milestones and appropriate timelines. Job search in Germany requires to have a structured approach. With the support of your career coach, you will understand how to move toward your goal.

8. They give personalized advice

The truth is – you will only go so far by using general career advice. Nowadays, we have the luxury of having unlimited access to information. On Google, you will find tips and tricks on building your brand, creating a pitch, and participating in job interviews, but they are always generic. A career coach, on the other hand, is going to listen to your specific situation and offer solutions on how to handle it.

9. They can assist in upgrading your skills

The job search market in Germany is really competitive. Everything is constantly changing, so it is no surprise our skills can also quickly become outdated. Coaching can help you clarify which part of your education and qualifications need an upgrade. You’d be surprised how much of a difference taking a simple course can make.

Summary: Reasons to hire a career coach

As we’ve seen there are many benefits to hire a career coach. Starting from getting guidance on what it is that you actually want to be doing, to concrete help with finding a job by optimizing your documents and practicing interviews – a career coach can help you make your dreams become reality.

And if you’re looking for a coach for your career in Germany, we’d love to hear from you. Simply check out our services to see how we can support you.

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Laura Villafuerte

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