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7 mistakes to avoid during your next job interview

Thinking about your next interview might bring up mixed feelings

The excitement of a possible new job vs. the nervousness of not answering the questions right and receiving a rejection. And we totally get that rollercoaster of emotions (we also have been there).

That is why we want to share some insights so that you can feel more self-secure before your next interview. Are you ready to learn what not to do?

7 mistakes to avoid during your next interview

Number 1: Being late

Don’t arrive too late (that relates to bad time-management) or too early, as it might stress the recruiter / hiring manager out. The ideal timing would be to arrive 10 minutes early when in person, and 5 minutes early in virtual settings.

Number 2:  Forgetting to put your phone on silent mode

If your phone starts ringing, everyone will get distracted (including you) and you might lose valuable minutes of the interview. Double-check that you have actually put your phone on silence or have turned it off.

Number 3: Not having done your research on the company.

As a recruiter there is nothing worse than interviewing someone who has no idea to what company they have applied to (it truly happens). Don’t make that mistake and know at least the key facts about the company.

Number 4: Speaking too much during the interview.

Yes, even if you hate those “awkward silences” it is important that you don’t just keep on talking providing unnecessary insights just to fill out those empty spaces. When you answered, try to remain calm and wait for the recruiter / hiring manager to ask the next question.

Number 5: Speaking negatively about your past jobs.

Of course, your old job might not have been the best (or truly truly bad) but when you are in the interview, focus on the future and what you want to achieve there. Don’t complain- about the past (it can’t be changed anyway and you don’t want to be seen as the “complainer”)

Number 6: Forgetting to show your motivation to work there.

Even if you think that by showing up to the interview you are already signaling your interest in the job, it actually is not enough. Make sure to let them know during the interview and highlight what makes that company / job so interesting to you.

Number 7: Not asking questions at the end.

This mistake can easily be avoided, if you prepare those questions in advance. By asking questions you will learn more about the position and can make up your mind if you really want to work there. On the other hand, you will also show your interest in the job and leave a really good impression.

We hope these insights help you in your preparation.

If you want to learn more about interview preparation, make sure to get in touch with us. We would love to support you so you find your next job even faster.

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Laura Villafuerte

HR expert & Career Coach

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