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5 signs you should work with a career coach

Working with a career coach can be helpful to take the next step in your career, no matter what situation you are in. But often we ask ourselves, is it the right thing for me? Or should I try to advance my career on my own?

This is what we’re going to discuss in this article: The signs that signal that it might be time for you to get serious about hiring a career coach.

Have you thought about getting a career coach to work with you but are not quite sure yet?  Then this article will help you find out whether you are ready to work with a coach or not.

5 signs you should consider working with a career coach

The following are different signs that show you it might be time to hire a professional career coach.

#1 You are confused about your next career steps

If you find yourself irritated about how to advance your career, then a career coach can help you bring light into the dark. A career coach is there for you to reflect together and guide you. Together you can work out what your next steps should be. You can also reflect together what your strengths are and what career path fits you best.

#2 You feel unhappy in your current situation

No matter what situation you are in: If you are unhappy, it’s time to change something! Together with a career coach you can first explore what it is that makes you unsatisfied. Is it the tasks that you are working on? A bad manager? Or a lack of recognition for your work?

Once you know the reason, you can develop a detailed plan for how to change that. So that you can find more happiness and satisfaction in your career.

#3 You want to get ahead in your career

Are you someone that is very ambitious and always wants to get ahead in your career? Then you might want to hire a career coach to help you achieve your goals faster.

A career coach will develop a clear plan with you that you can follow step-by-step to progress in your career. This will help you to clearly focus on your goal and not get side-tracked by other things.

#4 You are struggling with your job search and only get rejections

If you’re currently on the job hunt, but are only getting rejections, a career coach can help you get invited to interviews. Together with the career coach, you will rethink your job search strategy and you will receive insightful feedback on your application documents to boost them up. So that you can finally get that job interview invite.

#5 You get invited to interviews but can’t get the job offer

If you’re already getting invited to interviews but fail to receive the final job offer, a career coach can help you figure out what the problem is.

You might be making small mistakes during the interview that prevent you from showing your full potential. Working with a career coach, you will not only get feedback but also be able to practice your interview skills and prepare for typical questions that you will be asked.

Signs that you’re not ready to work with a career coach

Of course, there are also some signs that show you’re not ready to work with a career coach, yet.

You don’t want to open up or self-reflect.

Career coaching is all about talking with each other and being honest about your strengths and weaknesses together with a professional. If you’re not able to honestly self-assess yourself and only blame others for your situation, then a career coaching will not work for you.

You don’t want to put in the work

Similarly, if you’re not willing to put in any work, a career coaching is not the right solution for you. A career coach is not a resume writer. A career coach also doesn’t have a access to open jobs that are just waiting for you. While a career coach can definitely help you find, in order for a coaching to work, you will need to put some work in and also implement the suggested feedback and tips that you get. 


What does a career coaching cost?

If you now think that a career coaching might be the right fit for you, then of course the next question is about the costs. First of all: Getting a career coach to work with you is not cheap. And it shouldn’t be. If you hire a career coach, you profit from years of experience and often special education like coaching certificates, psychology, or training & development. The career coach also takes time just for you instead of pursuing other economic activities (e.g. working together with companies).

Get ready to invest at least 100€-1000€ to get a full career coaching. Also keep in mind that the long-term return on investment is very high: If you find a new job with a higher salary or are able to get a job even a month faster, the coaching already pays for itself. And also consider the non-monetary benefits: There’s no price to put on career happiness.

How to pick a career coach?

Before you work with a career coach, you should do some research. 

Start on Google or on LinkedIn. Look at their work on Social media or check out their credentials on their Website. Search for reviews. 

Most career coaches also offer a first free consultation to see if you want to work together.

Summary: Signs that you should work with a career coach

As we saw, career coaching can be helpful in a lot of different situations. No matter if you’rre currently unsure what next steps to take in your career or you are struggling during the job search, working with a career coach can be a good solution for you. However it’s also important that you are open to it and are willing to work on improving your situation.

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