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5 easy things you can do to grow a meaningful network

How many times have you been supported by someone in your network? Probably quite a few times. This is because having a network adds to our life’s in so many ways: it can give us more happiness, let us feel more supported, open new doors for us and even challenge ourselves. Especially within our careers, having a network can be a big game-changer.

But how can we make sure we build a meaningful network? In this article you’ll find 5 easy things we recommend you doing that won’t require too much effort but will bring big results. And you can use them to deepen existing relationships and foster new ones:

1. Connect via LinkedIn with someone who has a job you would love to have

Yes, this can be a bit scary. But if this is a job you can see yourself doing in the future, it will be worth it.

You can reach out to the person by stating your admiration for their career and by being transparent about the fact that you would also love to do that job in the future. Continue by saying that you would love to get inspired by them and would love to connect to stay updated with their content and next steps.

To make the connection meaningful, remember to interact with their content and after a while feel free to ask them for a short coffee talk. You can even build on something they have posted recently.

2. Show appreciation for a colleague you haven’t talked to in a while

So often colleagues do small favors for us, and we forget to show appreciation for that. Think back to a time when a colleague has supported you. Even if some time has passed, make sure to let them know you still remember and want to thank them again for that time they did you a favor.

This will have a real impact on them and make them feel truly appreciated by you.

3. Organize an after-office event with your team

While the organization behind might be a bit of work, but you can also keep it low-key. Here the intention is what counts. Write a group email (or chat) to your team letting them know you had the idea of just spending some time together and found this amazing thing to do together. This is a great chance to show you care about the team and want to strengthen the relationship.

In case this is too overwhelming just invite some people from your office or in case it is a remote team, think of a cool remote activity (like a virtual after work beer).

4. Attend a meetup

There are so many different meetups nowadays so make sure to register to one of your interests and get to know new people there. The commonality you have with all the other attendees is already given: the interest for the topic of the event. So you can use this as an ice-breaker.

Make sure to exchange contacts and stay in touch with them after the event

 5. Create a birthday calendar for your main contacts

Sending birthday wishes to the main contacts in your network is always a great way to show you care and remember special events for them.

Now, of course it would be impossible to remember all those dates by heart, so create one special calendar where you register all those birthdays to make sure you never forget again.

Extra tip: you can even send little postcards for your most special colleagues. This is old school but believe me that people will be super excited.

Of course, there are many other things you can do to grow a meaningful network but we hope these 5 easy things are something you can implement right away.

And if you’re looking to grow your career even more, don’t hesistate to contact us.

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Laura Villafuerte

HR expert & Career Coach

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