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3 LinkedIn Messages to help you grow your network in Germany

We all have sent out connection requests on LinkedIn that have not been accepted. And sometimes that won’t matter, but sometimes it truly is a pity because we really wanted to connect with a specific person.

So how can we make sure to increase our chances of people accepting our connection request on LinkedIn?

The basics about LinkedIn networking

It is very important that we are aware about how to network even on social media. And every culture likes networking differently. For Germany the golden rule is to build trust first. Only when you build trust will a person actually support you in moving your career forward. Networking is a two way street and you should give as much as you get.

Putting it the other way around: never send a connection request by asking for a favor right away. As long as there is no trust between two people, chances are super low of them helping you out with a job or anything else.

So how can you build trust?

  • Find commonalities with the person as this makes it much easier to connect with new people (e.g., you follow the same people on LinkedIn, you follow similar companies, you work in a similar industry etc.)
  • Show support by liking or commenting their posts or comments they have made on others posts
  • Share some valuable insights with them, like an article, a link to a post, a link to a website that can be useful
  • Compliment them. You can for example let them know how their career path inspires you, or that you valued the opinion the person shared via a post/LinkedIn
  • Stay present in their network. Establishing trust can’t be done with one message alone. Stay consistent.

3 LinkedIn messages that will help you grow your network

After reading the basics, it is now time to look into potential messages LinkedIn allows you to send with a connection request. Keeping in mind that at this stage your main goal is to build trust as fast as possible. And you only have 300 characters to do so.

The key things you should mention:

  • Short intro about yourself
  • Commonality / why you found them
  • Your intention
  • Call to action

Message 1: For someone you really want to meet (a.k.a hiring managers)

Dear [first name], as I also work in [field of expertise], I’ve been following your work at company [Name]. I was impressed by your recent [mention post/project/info]. I’d love to keep in touch and learn even more from you as I’m in the process of building my career here in Germany.

Message 2:  For someone who works in the company you want to work for (a.k.a potential colleagues)

Hi [first name], I came across your profile as I follow [company name] on LinkedIn. Your post/comment recently about [topic or subject] really resonated with me, so I thought I’d connect with you to keep in touch and maybe bounce ideas off each other at some point in the future.

Message 3: For someone who can truly help you (a.k.a the recruiter)

Dear [first name], as I follow [company name] I saw from your profile that you recruit for the team. Having X years experience as [your role], and being a big fan of [service/product of the company], I wanted to connect with you in case you think my profile might be a good fit for current or future roles you seek to fill. 

In conclusion: How to network on LinkedIn

Networking takes time. And you shouldn’t jump to asking for a favor before establishing trust with a person. Make sure to personalize your message as much as possible so that the person you connect with, knows how this connection can benefit them.

And of course, make sure to stay persistent. The acceptance of a connection request is just the first step into building up trust and being able to support one another in the long run.

Now if you want to become a true professional in networking, make sure to join our brand new masterclass Land your dream job interview in Germany where we have a whole chapter dedicated to LinkedIn and LinkedIn networking. Let’s find your dream career in Germany.

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