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Dublin Regulation Expert


Your tasks

  •  Provide support to the preparation and processing of Dublin Regulation cases.
  • Support the implementation of Relocation activities.
  • Conduct analysis and research on Dublin Regulation-related issues. and contribute to the development of working documents and guidelines.


Your profile

  • You have a Bachelor’s degree (EQF 6 or equivalent).
  • You bring 3-5 years of professional experience concerning Dublin Regulation related activities.
  • You speak German at least at an intermediate level


About the European Union Agency for Asylum 

The European Union Agency for Asylum – EUAA is an agency of the European Union mandated with supporting Member States in applying the package of EU laws that governs asylum and international protection.

The EUAA acts as a resource for Member States in the field of international protection, with the ability to provide practical, legal, technical, advisory and operational assistance in many formats. The Agency does not replace the national asylum or reception authorities, which are ultimately entirely responsible for their procedures and systems.

The ultimate aim of the EUAA’s work is to reach a situation where the asylum practices in all EU+ Member States are harmonised in line with EU obligations, meaning that an application of an individual in any of the EU+ Member States will always receive the same result. Similarly, an applicant will always go through a similar procedure with similar conditions, no matter which Member State s/he applies in, and will enjoy the same rights, obligations and reception conditions.

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